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Models / Dato Foland

Dato Foland Vital Stats:

👍 318
Body Type:  Ripped
Eye Color:  Green eyed
Hair color:  Brunette
Nationality:  Russian
Sexuality:  Gay
Sexual Role:  Versatile but prefer to do the fucking
Age:  October 15th

Dato Foland is one of the sexiest models on Menatplay. His stunningly ripped, buff body, his amazing green eyes, his beautiful dark skin, and his deep voice with that strong Russian accent make him the total package. Dato started his career with Menatplay before venturing too far off lands (the U.S.) to find his fortune. It’s no surprise that he has been so well received given the attributes we've listed. Mainly a top, Dato also looks great getting fucked (it’s always good to see a beefcake top get fucked). He has a beautiful cock and a stunning ass (we’re trying to think if there’s anything at all wrong with this guy) and his versatility and looks mean that he’s been featured in many Menatplay scenes, both before his left for the U.S.A. and since he returned in 2016. Of his 25+ scenes, some of the most notable are: ‘Deliver Me to Temptation’ with the gorgeous Landon Conrad, ‘Fit’ where we get to see him in leathers playing opposite Misha Dante, ‘Tub Rub’ for those of you that just want to see the body wet and glistening, ‘Driven’, an in-car movie that builds beautifully slowly with Adam Champ, ‘Ready to Play’ where he got to play alongside Carter Dane, a very stunning paring, ‘Double Stakes’ his only 3some on the site with Rogan Richards and Klein Kerr, and ‘Blueprint’ with Dani Robles. If you want to see him bottom you'll need to take a look at ‘Flip’, ‘Driven’, ‘Crime Scene’, and ‘Cruise Control’!

Dato Foland Updates

Morning, Tiger!: Editor's Cut

Andy Star , Dato Foland
👍 48

Jan 10, 2023 26:00 min

Blueprint, Editor's Cut

Dani Robles , Dato Foland
👍 46

Jul 26, 2022 19:46 min

Got Milk, Editor's Cut

Dato Foland , Josh Milk
👍 32

Jun 14, 2022 16:19 min

Russian Roulette, Editor's Cut

Dato Foland , Hector de Silva
👍 50

Mar 01, 2022 20:59 min

In The Shadows, Editor's Cut

Dato Foland , Logan Moore
👍 48

Jan 18, 2022 23:54 min

Calming Down Dato

Dani Robles , Dato Foland
👍 58

Jun 25, 2021 24:27 min

Frisked, Editor's Cut

Dato Foland , Jake Bolton
👍 37

Jun 08, 2021 19:38 min

Ready To Play, Editors Cut

Carter Dane , Dato Foland
👍 52

Feb 16, 2021 21:22 min
I love to see Dato dressed up in a suit with black socks and shoes, especially in Ready to Play and Flip. But he seems to often play the role of the guy in casual attire.
Grandes escenas con Dato, espero verlo mas !
Mad Dog No Good
Please get Dato into a condomless threeway.
Agree with the comment below! more Dato in suit please, especially in shiny suit hahaha. Like the one in Vega's Vice, oof