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Models / Andy Star

Andy Star Vital Stats:

👍 186
Body Type:  Defined
Eye Color:  Green eyed
Hair color:  Dark
Nationality:  Brazilian
Sexuality:  Gay
Sexual Role:  Versatile but rathers to get fucked
Age:  1984-10-04
Height:  1.67

Andy Star was one of our best additions to Menatplay back in May 2017 when we introduced him in the laundrette fuck fest - "Fresh Load" with Kayden Gray.

Since that time, Andy has become a favorite thanks to his handsome dark Brazilian looks, his tight ripped body, how hot he looks all suited up, and his eagerness to take cock where ever he can.

Having said that, he can give as good as he gets. You'll see it in "Pursuit - Revival" where he fucks Dario Beck relentlessly; reducing his cocky swagger to a submissive puppy whimpering as Andy bangs away. And, we loved seeing Dato Foland pound our small but perfectly formed Andy while he's totally suited up ready for work. (He never makes it to work by the way!)

Andy Star Updates

Fresh Load, Editor's Cut

Andy Star , Kayden Gray
👍 25

Apr 09, 2024 26:23 min

Morning, Tiger!: Editor's Cut

Andy Star , Dato Foland
👍 51

Jan 10, 2023 26:00 min

Fucking The Boss

Andy Star , Massimo Arad
👍 57

Dec 04, 2020 20:12 min

The Best Of Andy Star Compilation

Andy Star
👍 11

Nov 10, 2020 24:40 min

The Roommate

Andy Star , Bruno Max
👍 62

Jul 31, 2020 23:41 min

Additional Services

Andy Star , Pierre Alexander
👍 61

Jan 03, 2020 19:03 min

Private Project

Andy Star , Ricky Blue
👍 70

Aug 23, 2019 20:55 min

Real Estate 'Broker', Part 2

Andy Star , Leander
👍 82

Jun 07, 2019 20:41 min

One of the best on MAP.
Andy Star is one of my favorites.
Andy star is one of my favourite in MAP
Andy star for me too. Such a fucking beautiful male, body of a greek god.