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Models / Sergi Rodriguez

Sergi Rodriguez Vital Stats:

👍 20
Body Type:  Bodybuilder
Eye Color:  hazel eye
Hair color:  dark
Nationality:  Spanish, tattooed, furry,
Sexuality:  Gay
Sexual Role:  Submissive Bottom

If you're after a stacked muscle body builder type, and you like a carpet of fur rolled out across the chest and the abs , a nice clipped bearded, AND you love a bit of ink then Sergi is definitely for you. Watch his first scene with Menaptlay "High Heat" where he eagerly bottoms for Emir Boscatto. We hope to film again with him soon as seeing such a muscle hunk getting penetrated is one of our favourite things!

Sergi Rodriguez Updates

High Heat

Emir Boscatto , Sergi Rodriguez
👍 75

Feb 03, 2017 19:19 min

Affairs of State

Alejandro Torres , Denis Vega , Flex , Isaac Eliad
👍 140

Nov 25, 2016 25:56 min

The Gloves Are Off

Alejandro Torres , Flex , Sergi Rodriguez
👍 68

Oct 28, 2016 21:04 min