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Models / Massimo Piano

Massimo Piano Vital Stats:

👍 130
Body Type:  Boy next door
Eye Color:  green eye
Hair color:  brunette
Nationality:  Spanish
Sexuality:  Gay
Sexual Role:  Versatile
Age:  1988-12-03
Height:  1.87

Massimo is one of our 'catwalk' type men who has a natural boyish beauty and a captivating sultry Spanish look. His slender toned body is perfect for the Menatplay tailored look. Apart from those stunning greeny-blue eyes and that soft downy hair on his chest, the thing that adds to Massimo's sexy understated allure is the sensual tone of his voice. You'll see what we mean particularly if you watch "Bromance" where, long before the sex starts you've fallen in love with the guy and his silky masculine intonation. Massimo really loves to fuck ass. He can hold his own against some of our toughest tops such as with Denis Vega in "Good Head" , as well as having hungry bottom Dani Robles under his spell in "Bromance". But sometimes, like when faced with the palpable on and off-screen passion between him and Hector De Silva in "Upgraded", Massimo offers up his eager hole for some of Hectors dominant top cock. Massimo is one to watch if you like your men fresh and young, and you like you fantasy story lines well acted and believable.

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