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Models / Maikel Cash

Maikel Cash Vital Stats:

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Body Type:  Athletic
Eye Color:  brown eye
Hair color:  chestnut
Nationality:  Spanish
Sexuality:  Gay
Sexual Role:  TOTAL Top
Age:  1982-02-22

Michael Cash is the type of guy that works in your office who you'd easily mistake for straight. He has that air about him that makes his sexuality ambiguous. His chiselled masculine cheekbones and jawline with his sporty build make him both blend in to a real world business executive lifestyle and at the same time stand out from the crowd. So handsome when suited but sexy and naturally athletic when stripped down to his birthday suit Maikel has that stoic masculine demeanour that is almost intimidating which only adds to his mysterious sexyness. Oh and yes, hes got a beautiful thick cock which he loves shoving deep in to any other beautiful male mouth or ass that he comes across in his working life. Maikel is the "someone you might meet" factor which makes the scenes we've captured of him, making the fantasy of him all the more real and more attainable.

Maikel Cash Updates

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Lukas Daken , Maikel Cash
👍 54

Jan 01, 2019 20:47 min

Well Suited

Maikel Cash , Robbie Rojo
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Mar 24, 2017 18:28 min

Blurred Lines

Dario Beck , Maikel Cash
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Apr 07, 2016 18:12 min

The Beef Next Door

Dominique Hansson , Maikel Cash
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Jun 12, 2015 22:05 min

Vega's Vice

Denis Vega , Maikel Cash
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Jan 02, 2015 23:12 min

Dr. Dani Examines Maikel

Dani Robles , Maikel Cash
👍 63

Jul 17, 2014 23:00 min
Maikel Cash is one of my favorites.