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Models / Klein Kerr

Klein Kerr Vital Stats:

👍 202
Body Type:  Defined
Eye Color:  brown eye
Hair color:  dark
Nationality:  Spanish
Sexuality:  Gay
Age:  1985-08-03
Height:  1.75

Klein Kerr first came to Menatplay as the dark latino bad boy in the amazing "Rock Candy" with Denis Vega. And his theme of overpowering the top and fucking the bejesus out of him, seems to have carried through all his scene on Menatplay. Oh apart from that one time when French Stud Enzo Rimenez got to pummel his tight peachy ass! Klein is young, smooth, dark and sexy, the perfect package for a Menatplay Man. Looks hot as the delinquent youth or as the refined gent in his business suit. But this one is a wolf in sheeps clothing. His long thick dick is always getting rammed down some guys throat making them gag till their eyes water. And when its not in that orifice its in the other pumping away relentlessly. Klein gets more stunning every time we work with him so heres to a lot more scenes with this Hispanic beauty! Particularly noteworthy are his threesome scene with boyfriend Massimo Piano and eager bottom to the two, Dani Robles. And also don't forget to watch "Get Even" with Carter Dane. 2 stunning men in the same room we rarely get to see.

Klein Kerr Updates

Up A Gear, Editor's Cut

Klein Kerr , Sunny Colucci
👍 46

Jan 09, 2024 20:42 min

The Stalker, Editor's Cut

Enzo Rimenez , Klein Kerr
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Jul 04, 2023 20:31 min

The Call, Editor's Cut

Ken Rodeo , Klein Kerr
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Jun 06, 2023 17:06 min

Dapper, Editor's Cut

Johan Kane , Klein Kerr
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Feb 15, 2022 16:18 min

Get Even, Editor's Cut

Carter Dane , Klein Kerr
👍 61

Aug 17, 2021 22:26 min

The New Guy

Dann Grey , Klein Kerr
👍 50

Nov 02, 2018 19:51 min

How To Get Ahead

Klein Kerr , Lukas Daken
👍 59

Sep 07, 2018 19:38 min

Making It Big: The Fitting

Klein Kerr , Manuel Skye
👍 99

Apr 13, 2018 22:41 min

One of the sexiest and best guys on MAP.