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Models / Franky Fox

Franky Fox Vital Stats:

👍 95
Body Type:  Athletic
Eye Color:  Blue Green Eyed
Hair color:  Brunette
Nationality:  Australian + British
Sexuality:  Gay
Sexual Role:  Versatile Top
Age:  November 19th
Height:  179 cm

Franky Fox, a piggy Aussie based in Germany, says he plays nice with others. And we wanted to see how nice he played!

While having sex, Franky says he loves to make eye contact - so fucking a guy from behind doggy style in front of a mirror is hot! He often finishes off with his bottoms on their back.

The most pleasurable sex Franky Fox has had was a threesome with two sexy muscular guys with beautiful cocks and asses. The other guys were both versatile, so they kept taking turns on each other; flipping back and forth. One of the guys let them double fuck him. Franky remembers almost cumming from DPing him. He also loved the feeling of one cock in his ass while his cock was in the other guy's ass (it's called a lucky pierre). In the end, Franky bred one of the guys and they both came on his face.

The hottest place Franky Fox has had sex is in the steam room at his local gym. Literally hot, but also sexy because the guy was hot. It was completely spontaneous. The guy cruised Franky from across the steam room before coming across to suck his dick and then bent over begging to get fucked. It was wild -- they could have been caught at any moment, after all.

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Damon Heart , Franky Fox
👍 46

Sep 25, 2020 20:47 min

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