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Models / Donato Reyes

Donato Reyes Vital Stats:

👍 82
Body Type:  Muscular
Eye Color:  Brown eyed
Hair color:  Dark
Nationality:  Spanish
Sexuality:  Gay
Sexual Role:  Versatile
Age:  February 7th
Height:  6' 1"

Donato Reyes' smoldering looks and almost aloof attitude make him look like a top, but he loves more often than not to take it all as a bottom. It seems like that's what his perfect firm butt was designed for. His whole body is beautifully hard and ripped with only a modest amount of tattoos. This handsome Spaniard is one of our most well-built bottoms (who occasionally tops ) who also looks like a powerful boss in a suit. Broad with just the right swagger, Donato really looks the part in his pinstripes and equally commanding of our attention when they're stripped off his back.

Donato Reyes Updates

Cine-X 6

Donato Reyes , Scott Carter
👍 33

Jan 26, 2024 21:32 min

Bad Liar

Donato Reyes , Pol Prince
👍 38

Apr 28, 2023 20:01 min

Dad's Colleague

Allen King , Donato Reyes
👍 69

Apr 07, 2023 21:21 min

Suited Hustler 3

Diego Reyes , Donato Reyes , Javi Gray
👍 84

Aug 19, 2022 21:05 min

The New Hire

Donato Reyes , Sir Peter
👍 56

Jul 29, 2022 22:01 min

Wet Play, Part 2

Bruno Max , Donato Reyes
👍 38

May 06, 2022 22:52 min

Pre-Wedding Jitters

Donato Reyes , Emir Boscatto
👍 77

Nov 01, 2019 21:49 min

New Employee Counter-Play

Diego Reyes , Donato Reyes
👍 61

Aug 16, 2019 21:56 min

I´m so happy that Donato is returning, please make a lot of scenes with him, he has an amazing ass. He would be perfect in a scene with vadim romanov