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Adam Wirthmore Vital Stats:

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Body Type:  Defined
Nationality:  from Boston
Sexuality:  Gay
Age:  1988-10-10
Height:  1.77

Watsup fellas! My name is Adam Wirthmore and I've been shooting porn for the past four years. I was curious about getting a chance to meet my porn idols ever since I started watching porn around age 12. As I grew up it became a fantasy. Once I hit 18 years old I started applying to companies just to see if it was an actual possibility, and once given the right opportunity at age 20 I couldn't turn it down. I would have always wondered "what if?" and I'm more of a "why not?" kinda guy. I shot about 40 scenes over the past four years all while staying in school and getting my masters in civil engineering. Porn was always a hobby, a kind of acting gig that would pay me to be my sexual self and do what I do with guys anyways, only now in front of a camera and with hotter men! I've never been shy of putting myself out there, and that was one reason why I came out the summer before my senior year of high school. As the student class president and wrestling captain, I wanted to give closeted kids like myself someone to look up to. I hope I still do that for those still in the closet, showing them that gay porn stars are just as acceptable as straight porn.

I was drawn to MenAtPlay by their awesome style with sexy successful business attire, making gorgeous studs like Damien Crosse and Alex Marte even hotter. I like the idea of fucking hot muscle men behind the closed doors of a private business meeting. Keeping their clothes on only makes the fantasy hotter, as if they don't have time to take it all off, whether because they are too eager to fuck or they don't have much time before getting caught. I've only shot two scenes for MenAtPlay but I look forward to doing more work with them if you guys want to see more ;)

Sexually I get into a lot as you can see in my videos. I am versatile but I also love feeling a throbbing cock pump inside me. I also love to get sucked off and rimmed. My ultimate favorite thing though, is kissing. Sex for me is always better with real emotions and nothing tells you that a guy is into you like when he looks you in the eyes and passionately locks lips. I also love reaching down a guy's pants to pull out a hearty, chubbed up cock with a little bit of man musk, and then blowing him until he's rock hard, slicked with spit, and ready to fuck. Mmm.

I love my fans, I love helping them get off, and I love hearing from them so hit me up on Facebook or Twitter.
Adam Wirthmore

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