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Models / Rocky Vallarta

Rocky Vallarta Vital Stats:

👍 95
Body Type:  Toned
Eye Color:  Brown eyed
Hair color:  Brunette
Nationality:  Mexican
Sexuality:  Gay
Sexual Role:  Versatile Top
Age:  August 28th
Height:  6' 1"

Rocky Vallarta loves men big and meaty and ass thick and fleshy. He has a husky boy fetish and loves dipping his face in a big ass. He actually likes licking stuff, be it ass, armpits, feet or the rest of your body. He loves man smells and if your sweaty briefs are missing from your hamper it was probably him who took them to have something to smell when he rubs one out.

Rocky Vallarta Updates

Worship Harder

Drew Dixon , Rocky Vallarta
👍 53

Oct 27, 2023 28:57 min

Desperate Realtor

Kit Cohen , Rocky Vallarta
👍 73

Jun 17, 2022 26:14 min

In The Shadow

Rocky Vallarta , Tony D'Angelo
👍 26

Sep 14, 2021 13:11 min

Don't Wake The Boss 2

Rocky Vallarta , Trent King
👍 50

Jun 18, 2021 20:06 min


Drew Dixon , Rocky Vallarta
👍 83

Oct 30, 2020 31:26 min

The Stylist Touch

Manuel Skye , Rocky Vallarta
👍 95

Apr 24, 2020 30:25 min
Rocky is the best, I cannot wait to see him again
OMG, the best
Rocky Vallarta is the ultimate man. Exceptionally handsome. Perfect body, toned, but not muscle-bound. Beautiful dick. Even his voice is perfect. If I were younger I’d find him and make him mine.