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Models / Joe Gillis

Joe Gillis Vital Stats:

👍 46
Body Type:  Muscular
Eye Color:  Brown eyed
Hair color:  Black
Nationality:  Spanish
Sexuality:  Gay
Sexual Role:  Versatile
Age:  June 20th
Height:  184 cms

Joe Gillis has many favorite sexual positions! But he has to admit that when he feels greedy, he loves sitting on a cock, then leaning forward so another guy can get behind him and slide his cock next to the other one inside him. Yes, he's a sucker for a good old DP. He has a fetish for anonymous and public sex. One day, he went cruising with his bf after work. He had him suck his cock while offering his hole to any cock that his bf liked. Joe came really hard that time.

Joe Gillis Updates

Holiday Boardroom Play, Editor's Cut

Diego Reyes , Drew Dixon , Joe Gillis , Sir Peter
👍 23

Dec 25, 2023 24:24 min

Guys Night In

Joe Gillis , Manuel Scalco
👍 25

Oct 01, 2021 22:10 min

Crime Scene Investigation

Drew Dixon , Joe Gillis
👍 42

Jan 29, 2021 28:46 min

Rectal Examination

Joe Gillis , Leo Rosso
👍 73

Jan 08, 2021 20:33 min

X-Mas Eve Boardroom Play

Diego Reyes , Drew Dixon , Joe Gillis , Sir Peter
👍 63

Dec 25, 2020 26:35 min

Shower Play

Cole Keller , Joe Gillis
👍 40

Oct 02, 2020 24:13 min

Wet Party Planner

Joe Gillis , Leo Grin
👍 44

Aug 07, 2020 26:32 min

Extra Parts

Dani Robles , Joe Gillis
👍 48

Jul 03, 2020 21:11 min
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